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Improving Your Relationship: Couples Counseling in Bethlehem, PA 

Every couples faces challenges. Any committed, long-term relationship will have seasons of passion, joy, and love as well as seasons where both partners may feel stuck. Common problems that couples face may include: 

          • Failed and troubled communication.
          • Uncontrolled anger.
          • Codependency.
          • Jealousy and failed trust.
          • Painful histories.
          • Infidelity.
          • Stress and anxiety.
          • Unmanageable schedules.
          • Doubt and uncertainty.

Unfortunately, many couples hit these roadblocks and split. About 40 percent of first-time marriages end in divorce, and 60 percent of second marriages will split up as well. Another common response to these difficulties is the emotional divorce where couples live parallel lives instead of interconnected lives for months or years at a time. What if there were a better way and another option? 

If your relationship is struggling, but you are not ready to give up, know that couples counseling has helped many partners work through these roadblocks and maximize their relationship's love, joy, and passion. 

Whether your relationship is in a crisis, or you just want to protect a good thing, professional couples therapy is available at Thriveworks Bethlehem.

Thriveworks Bethlehem couples counselors help hundreds of couples every year overcome problems in their relationships. At Thriveworks, we are focused on the health of your relationship. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with excellent counseling services staffed by competent counselors.

In addition, at Thriveworks Bethlehem Counseling, we have a no wait list policy! Call us today, and you might have your first couples counseling appointment this week.

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